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Tracking down friends at Burning Man used to be harder
than cleaning playa dust out of gold-sequined booty shorts.

This free app lets you and your peeps easily share camp info with
each other, generating a personalized, printable map. Just don't
forget to pack it along with your goggles, led fairy lights, and
Grandma Glitter's Homestyle Gamma Ray Bacon Baker.sold separately

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Embrace serendipity.
We encourage you to use this map sparingly. May the forces of chance,
intuition, and magic bring you new life-long friendships!

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BurnerMap is a little playa gift from...
Morgasm ( Morgan Lesko ): Full Tech Stack
Little Spoon (Micah Daigle): Design / UX
TDazzl (Troy Dayton): Strategy and Communications
Brandl: Unspeakable Acts of Indecency

With donations from hundreds of users, Matt Mullenweg, and Terratori Technologies <3

Shoutouts to some of our burner friends who create awesome things...

Blue Morpho, BurningManRides, Camp Bumblepuss,
Dojo, iBurn, Time To Burn, and Nectar Village

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